Twitter News Index Middle East North Africa (MENA)

The Index aims to cover all major news outlets registered as such on Twitter. We are aware that some news operations are not registered as such. Therefore, during our monitoring, we are scoping the field to also identify these platforms.
We use local experts as well as locally registered consultancies to verify the data and publications included in the Index.
The Twitter News Index measures the reach of news media in the Twitter Universe by comparing the number of followers with the total number of Twitter users in a given country. Essentially, the Twitter News Index shows you how many people media and news platforms reach in 100 Twitter users. In Middle East North Africa (MENA), we publish the list of the news platforms with a score of at least 100. Over 500 news platforms are being monitored in the MENA region as part of this index.
Do you know of any news and media platforms not covered by this Index? Tell us.