Writing Matters
27 March 2019
As the world faces extraordinary challenges and ever more interconnected economic, social and communications systems, we know that media plays a key role in addressing and shaping the most pressing issues of our time—making global media philanthropy increasingly important. While the funding landscape for U.S.-based philanthropies investing in media is well-documented, the picture for international philanthropy is far less clear.
To help shed some light, Media Impact Funders published Global Media Philanthropy: What Funders Need to Know About Data, Trends and Pressing Issues Facing the Field, written by Sarah Armour-Jones and Jessica Clark. More

By Urmas Loit
15 November 2018
Mr Loit’s thesis analyzes the implementation mechanisms of media policy in Estonia. Compared to many other Central and Eastern European countries, media freedom in Estonia is rigidly upheld, the principle of net-neutrality has never been in doubt and public access to information is not restrained. Still, Mr Loit’s study shows a decline in both the number of journalists and their autonomy.
By Martin Scott, Kate Wright and Mel Bunce
10 September 2018


By Marius Dragomir
20 June 2018
By Biba Klomp
5 May 2018
By Elizabeth Hansen and Emily Goligoski
9 February 2018