Public Media
By Marius Dragomir
15 January 2018

The management of RTVS, Slovakia’s public broadcaster, is poised to turn the station into a political enterprise. The recent cancellation of the station’s sole investigative journalism program is part of that strategy.
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2 January 2018

Video-tampering technology is likely to take fake news manufacturing to a whole new level. For journalism, that is a game-changer.

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15 December 2017
In Latin America, the Twitter news market is in the hands of the big nations such as Mexico and Brazil. But when it comes to truly effective news operations, smaller markets like Uruguay lead the pack. One nation though scores big in both size and effectiveness; and that is Colombia.
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25 November 2017
Interview with Andras Petho, co-founder of Hungarian investigative journalism outlet Direkt36



22 July 2017

Interview with the investigative journalist Yong Jin Kim of South Korea



1 July 2017

Interview with Bopha Phorn, Cambodian investigative journalist



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The Hot Potato
6 December 2017
“There is a lot more optimism about the future of the local media industry than perhaps you might expect,” says Damian Radcliffe, professor of journalism at the University of Oregon in the United States.


20 November 2017
By Daniel Penev

As fake stories are flooding the Bulgarian internet, local journalists are responding by debunking lies and tracing the sources of misinformation. They are bracing up for a tough battle.
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Head Honchos


5 September 2017
By Norina Solomon
Cambodia Daily is shutting down operations after nearly a quarter-century in business. An outright dictatorship is on the horizon.


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The Skype nation
4 May 2017 By Urmas Loit
The appointment of a high government official in the body that governs Estonia’s public broadcaster is opening a can of worms. He promises to keep his two hats apart - but some people don’t trust him. Still into Estonia? Read more