News Media on European Twitter
13 February 2019
Large, established media, including public service outlets, dominate the Twitter market in much of Western Europe, but less in the east.
Tweeting in the Russian space
16 June 2018
Russian news outlets dominate on Twitter in the Russian Commonwealth - but media in smaller nations, including Moldova or Kyrgyzstan, are far more effective in controlling their domestic markets.
Arab tweets
22 February 2018
In the Arab world, global players still boast millions of Twitter followers, but a clutch of fast-growing news media from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon are making inroads into the region’s Twitter market, according to the Twitter News Index, released today by MediaPowerMonitor.

Asian likes
15 September 2017
Chinese and Indian news media command millions of followers on Facebook - but it is in the much tinier Myanmar where news media is really effective?
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