Local Reporter

16 September 2018
The staff of CRTVG, the public broadcaster in Galicia, an autonomous community in northwestern Spain, took to the streets to call on the government to stop meddling in the station’s affairs, wrote the Spanish daily El Pais. The journalists were supported by the staff of RTVE, Spain’s nationwide public broadcaster.
8 September 2018
The Romanian media loves so much the tabloid fare that nothing is considered too much to be broadcast. Journalists are game to air anything, even shows catering to the most lugubrious tastes, as long as such content attracts eyeballs.
Soft power
9 September 2018
Using companies incorporated in Serbia and Cyprus, the Russian government has been funding in recent years a bevy of news websites in Eastern Europe to crank out articles promoting the interests of the Russia government, according to a story broken jointly by BuzzFeed News, Postimees, a newspaper in Estonia, and Re:Baltica, an investigative journalism shop covering the Baltic countries.