Head Honchos

The Cyprus Mail deal
3 March 2019
A wealthy and influential lawyer buys the sole English newspaper in Cyprus. The real motive: cleaning his digital record.
Jaromir Soukup
16 September 2018
Jaromir Soukup, owner of TV Barrandov in the Czech Republic, is building a media empire with Russian and Chinese money.

Bulgarian might
By Marius Dragomir
12 February 2018
One businessman has managed to bring both the state structures and big business in Bulgaria under his tight control. Media was a key piece of that puzzle.
Mouthpiece shopping
By Marius Dragomir
29 January 2018
A business group with far-right affinities buys The Nation, one of Thailand’s most respectable newspapers. This means that independent reporting is now likely to be whittled away.