Facebook News Index Europe
The Index aims to cover all major news publishing outlets registered as such on Facebook. According to the Facebook categorization, these platforms are registered either as “media/news company”, “media/news/publishing” or “news/media website”. The Index also covers those platforms registered as TV companies or TV channels, as they also qualify as media and news websites. Platforms registered as radio stations in Facebook categorization were not included, as most of them don’t qualify as news platform operators. We included only those radio stations that are run as part of online news platforms.
We are aware that some news operations are not registered as such. Therefore, during our monitoring, we are scoping the field to also identify these platforms.
We use local experts as well as consultancies such as the online intelligence companies Meltwater and Socialbakers to verify the data and publications included in the Index.
The Facebook Index measures the reach of news media in the Facebook Universe by comparing the followers base with the total number of Facebook users in a given country. Essentially, the Facebook Index shows you how many people media and news platforms reach in 100 Facebook users. In Europe, we publish the list of the news platforms with a score of at least 2.
In Europe, the Facebook Universe totaled over 309.1 million users in December 2016. Over 650 news and media platforms are being monitored in Europe as part of this index.
Do you know of any news and media platforms not covered by this Index? Tell us.

More about Facebook Europe Index

15 December 2016
The news media platform market on Facebook is extremely fragmented from an audience point of view. Only five news media platforms in Europe reach more than half of their national readership. Two-thirds of the 190 news media platforms with a score of at least 2 per 100 readers command less than 10% of the national readership on Facebook. Read more