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16 November 2017 By Marius Dragomir

The Hungarian government gobbles up media wherever its citizens live. With the recent expansion into Romania’s media, their control over the electorate is nearing completion.

A well-respected journalist based in Transylvania, central Romania, Hugo Agoston saw his employment contract with Fundatia Progress abruptly terminated at the end of 2016. Mr Agoston was a writer for, a Hungarian language news portal run by Fundatia Progress. In a public statement, he slammed the site’s funder for incessant censorship. He spoke about “political pressure”, “threats” and “instructions” as to what political topics to cover.
What Mr Agoston was complaining about was not some Romanian politico, but Fidesz, the right-wing, populist party now in power in neighboring Hungary. In a move to beef up its voter base prior to the 2018 elections, Fidesz has rapidly spread its influence over the media that cater to Hungarians residing in Romania. But what Mr Agoston described were only the first, timid steps that Fidesz and their cronies were taking to gag criticism outside of Hungary’s borders. Things have gotten worse since. Curious? Read more



Audience statistics
By Marius Dragomir 15 October 2017
One would expect the richer western newsrooms to be more agile in commanding online audiences; however, it is news outlets in less developed markets that are far more effective in capturing audiences on Facebook, according to our newly released index.


15 September 2017

Chinese and Indian news media command millions of followers on Facebook - but it is in the much tinier Myanmar where news media is really effective?

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Head Honchos______

Government rage

5 September 2017 By Norina Solomon

Cambodia Daily is shutting down operations after nearly a quarter-century in business. An outright dictatorship is on the horizon.



Political business

11 August 2017 By Mae U. Caralde

The sale of a majority stake in the Philippine Daily Inquirer raises concerns about the newspaper’s fabled fearlessness.




South Korean matters

22 July 2017

Interview with the investigative journalist Yong Jin Kim of South Korea



From Cambodia

1 July 2017

Interview with Bopha Phorn, Cambodian investigative journalist






15 April 2017 By TechBrain

Internet companies and telcos are not particularly good at disclosing policies on freedom of expression and privacy. On a long-term basis, this could dent their sales.


Public Media______

The Skype nation
4 May 2017 By Urmas Loit
The appointment of a high government official in the body that governs Estonia’s public broadcaster is opening a can of worms. He promises to keep his two hats apart - but some people don’t trust him. Still into Estonia? Read more
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